What is the M3u format and can be used in IPTV?

What is the M3u format and can be used in IPTV?

An M3U file is a Media Playlist file that stands for MP3 URL and it is supported by several media players like iTunes etc. An M3U file contains a list of the locations of media files in a simple plain text format. The playlist file carries MP3s, audio, or video files. For Playlist, an M3U file simply points out the audio files so that a media player can queue them. These text-based files are related to the address of a web page and contain URLs or path names to the media files.

How to Open an M3U File?

M3U file itself is not a media file. M3U files are text-based so they can be opened with any text editor. Winamp was one of the first programs that support M3U formats. Other media players also open M3U files like Windows Media Player.VLC is one of the most used formats to run media files. The reason behind this is that it is a free media player and supports a huge variety of audio and video formats. A big plus is that it supports the M3U format as well as M3U8, PLS, XSPF, WVX, CONF, ASX, IFO, CUE, and other formats.

How to Build an M3U File?

Use a simple Notepad on your computer to build an M3U file. There is no need to create M3U from scratch. In media players like VLC, save the playlist to an M3U file by simply follow this Media > Save Playlist to File instruction.
Here is the example of creating an M3U file with the proper syntax:


#EXTINF:100, Example artist – Example title

C:\Files\My Music\Example.mp3

#EXTINF:300, Example Artist2 – Example title2

C:\Files\My Music\Favorites\Example2.ogg

How Home IPTV app can be used to play m3u on Samsung Tizen and LG webOS?

Home IPTV app have the feature to run the m3u files. Home IPTV app can be used to play m3u on Samsung Tizen and LG webOS. Home IPTV app plays M3U files as they are simple text files with url. You just have to open the file, it will direct to url and through internet, the content start playing. IPTV playlist is usually an m3u extension file, so the steps are same as playing IPTV playlist. For more details, study IPTV Playlist section on Home IPTV.

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