What is EPG (Electronic Program Guide)?

What is EPG (Electronic Program Guide)?

EPG (electronic program guide) is the electronic equivalent of a printed TV program guide and used with digital set-top boxes to list current and scheduled programs. EPG is a menu-based system that displays scheduling information of programs.
An Electronic program guide is accessed using a wireless control device. In ERP, Menus are provided that help the user to watch a list of programs that are scheduled. The programs are available for the next few hours and for a week’s time frame. In this section of Home IPTV, a comprehensive note on ERP is discussed. This article will provide you a deep insight and understanding of EPG and how it helps cord-cutters and streamers maximize their entertainment experience.
ERP is also known as a “TV Guide” that streamers use for live TV. IPTV subscribers while browsing through multiple channel options, often use an Electronic program guide. EPG is also known as an interactive program guide (IPG) and an electronic service guide (ESG).

What is EPG - Electronic Program Guide
What is EPG – Electronic Program Guide

What are the Conventional Electronic program guide offerings?

For an Electronic program guide, every digital television (DTV) provider offers its own content and user interface. A conventional EPG offers the followings feature:

  • Set parental controls,
  • Order pay-per-view programming,
  • Search for programs based on theme or category,
  • Set up a VCR to record programs.

An electronic program guide is a program that is widely used by viewers to choose a channel on digital television systems. An Electronic program guide is available on Cable TV’s, tuner boxers, DVRs, TV and DVD recorders, etc. EPG is an on-screen menu that allows users to navigate the accessible channels.

What are Electronic program guide offerings?

The Electronic program guide allows viewers to find selective programs from a list complete with details. 

The details of the Electronic program guide include:

  • Timing of Shows
  • Titles
  • Network, genre
  • Description
  • Preview
  • And other details

With the advancement of technology, Cable TVS have transformed into Internet Protocol Televisions (IPTVs).

What are the basic features of an Electronic program guide?

Electronic program guide shares the following features:

  • The interactive graphical user interface or GUI usually in grids
  • List of different channels and their corresponding programs with airing schedules
  • Categorized channels according to the genre
  • Search capabilities
  • Customization tools

How does an Electronic program guide work?

An Electronic program guide consists of two main parts.

  1. The data being fed and the software that runs it
  2. For keeping data up to date, Data is continuously sent to the EPG

All data is stored in the Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) to keep data and upcoming programming will be offered to view. This causes a limitation of memory availability. Recent, set-top boxes have expanded Random Access Memory to allow processing as well as storing functions.

What are the different types of Electronic program guide?

The Electronic program guides are categorized into three types:

  1. Single Channel
  2. Multiple Channels
  3. Interactive EPG

In Single Channel, only a specific channel’s programs are available in the Electronic program guide whereas, in Multiple Channels, there is more than one channel is shown in the EPG. Interactive Electronic program guide consists of a multiple channel Electronic program guide with navigation, DVR recording, search, and parental control capabilities.

Does the HOME IPTV app support an Electronic program guide?

TV Services like IPTV services and cable TV operators still working on the advancement and improvements to design more interactive and user-friendly EPGs. Home IPTV is a comprehensive and compatible app that also supports the Electronic program guide (EPG). Home IPTV app focuses to deliver a quality interface for better interaction and functionality. Home IPTV app offers its users to select a channel on digital television systems by allowing an on-screen menu to navigate the available channels.

Learn more on how to install Home IPTV on LG webOS and on Samsung Tizen.

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