How to install Home IPTV on LG webOS

There are many ways to stream media content on your smart TV, but Home IPTV is the most simple, best, and easy to use IPTV application. In this article, you’ll find easy installation steps for LG WebOS. If you recently purchased an HD or 4K LG smart Television and are looking for a user manual to install the Home IPTV app, you have come to the right place. Most systems operate on Android and iOS, but LG uses its own operating system, which is WebOS. These are the following primary procedural steps for installation.

  1. Find an app in the LG app store.
  2. Download and install the app from the LG app store.
How to install Home IPTV on LG webOS
How to install Home IPTV on LG webOS

IPTV installation instructions

First of all, make sure the internet works on your TV. For this, 

  • Go to your Smart TV and make sure the internet connection is ON.

The next step is to navigate to the webOS app store.

  • Press the <smart tv> button on your remote control or magic remote control.
  • Navigate to LG store and press OK.

Then, search for the right keywords in the app store.

  • In the search menu, type “Home IPTV”.

 After that, select and download the correct app.

  • Make sure you see our logo in search results and press on OK (Remote Control) or press on the wheel (Magic remote control) to select the Home IPTV application.
  • Click on install

The last step is Launching the app.

  • After installation is successfully completed, press on “Launch”.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed the “Home IPTV” app. Now you have to proceed to “How to upload m3u playlist to the app”. If you don’t know how to install it or what it is, read the next article on the HOME IPTV site and learn it. Home IPTV is a comprehensive site to guide all types and levels of users to install IPTV’s on multiple TVs.

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