How to change EPG time in the playlist?

The playlist includes a lot of channels from different countries like the United Kingdom, and other countries. In this article, you will find a detailed briefing about changing EPG time in the playlist. EPG, also known as Electronic Program Guide, is a list of programs for each individual channel. As the time zone is not the same for all of them. So, the EPG provider provides the time for the channels in their local times. EPG time (EPG offset) can be changed by using a special tag “tvg-shift” in the IPTV playlist. Using this tag is a simple solution to the mismatch time zone issue. Tvg-shift is value in hours to shift EPG time.

tvg-shift epg
How to change EPG time (tvg-shift)


TVG-shift defines the amount of time, in hours, to shift the EPG.

  1. Use ‘#EXTM3U’ to shift all channels.
  2. Use ‘#EXTINF’ to shift an individual channel.

Extended tags that could be used are:

  • tvg-shift=-2 – support EPG offset (supported in fw 4.2.35)

Home IPTV app supports tvg-shift and allows you to record or shift the video to a specific time frame. Home IPTV app aims to deliver the best customer services and meet all the requirements of customer demands. By having control of time, you can easily watch the video or specific sections of video according to your feasibility and desire.

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